Wednesday, April 18, 2012

posting before work:)

hey morning all.i am awake.continue my the hustle and bustle and my chaotic life.going to work.the place where i could at least giving a smile to others.and hey im activating back my fb.since i noe i could not life without it...and i am trying to remove unwanted friend.ntah sape sape ntah kat akunye wall ade antaranya diremove..ampunin saya pakkk:)since i am rising just now..i think i have a great feeling rite now.not in the bad mood like yesterday.hah.human.change easily rite?and most importantly,today..i am wearing a dresss!!!!for the first time ok....rase cam pompuan dah...and i think i had put weight right now...nak g timbang la...pipi da tembammm..umk:( xmau gemok dahhh....selesa da ng badan skunk.weekend ni rase cam nak g kl.and i will.bosan la sini.serius..nak tgk battleship ke kat mid kan.heh:)ok la.til then.adios semue iiii:)

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