Tuesday, April 17, 2012


what if i have no love to others.what if my love for you is fading away day by day.what if i am always exhausted with your words.what if and what if.hati.kosong.sekosong lagu najwa.jiwa.meronta.sehebat lagu yuna.and i am facing this everyday.i am exhausted with my own i giving my heart to someone i am wrong.could someone tell me.if i am happy.y a keep on crying over the past.and when i need u.u are not by myside.if i like u.why my heart keep on comparing u.please.tell me if what i had done is wrong.wrong and mistake are always been my habit.i keep on blaming others on my mistakes.lose i wrong.i feel hopeless.hopeless when i dont have inspiration.everyday i keep on texting.texting for someone that don wanna reply me.eheh.sometimes reply.and i dont know what am i supposed to me if you want me.and if vice versa leave me.and i will redha with everything as i accepted the concept of karma.what goes arpund comes around.and i will feel hopeless.going through this last moment.and i will keep you you you and you in my heart forever.hopeless hopeless me is come back.bringing the hopeless mind and soul again.

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