Saturday, July 21, 2012

its been a while :)

hey ramadhan is coming again.hope me to be  a better person this time.actually lots of things happened to me all these falliing in love again,socially me,and im so tired to face all,i revealed everything that i felt all these days.i hope the other side of person will understand me.and the thing will never change afterwards.yes....the other side of person succeed to make me feel happy again and again everyday.every single minutes that i had passing through.and thanks for everything that you had appreciated it well hun!

currently im listening to ST12 - Saat always be my fav song since i wonder will someone that i loved later will loved me as in the song...yesss.....i want eternally love...someone who could love me with all of his heart....please give me oned ya too weak to face the reality alone.though my mouth always saying that i dont need anybody in my life but deep in my heart,i miss someone.someone who will be my love oned!

since rini aku xbangun sahur,sebab malas nak sekarang ni merepek meraban la sekejap aku...hahahaha....da la malas nak taip da......but to you my MR sayang....please take care and i miss you...selamat berpuasa:D

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