Wednesday, April 11, 2012

something for my sweetheart

as malam ni awak tido awal (kalau tido lah kan) saya one accompany me syg..i miss u alot...sangat sangat....biar pn msj awak hnya satu ayat,tp everytime led blackberry tu tukar jadi kaler turqouise pink,im really excited syg...cause i know it is you sayang...

tiap hari,fon yang hubungkan kita.i love all about you syg.seriously,even the bad side of u suke.aahahaha:) i love u are very precious to me honey.please be with me forever sayang:)in this space,i wanna thanks to u,for all the happy words,moments and not to forget the sad and bad words too syg....I LOVE YOU SEPET:)

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